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virtual spring


Wearing the Virtual Tee to match the virtual spring we’ve been having. I love pale palettes when it’s bright out, and they seem to love it more too. My shoes tell a story of a fool that once enjoyed white sneakers in the winter, but after countless magic eraser sessions, it’s already time to say good bye. Looking for some white low top, mid top suggestions to start the summer.



wearing. cyeoms virtual tee / wylden rings + earrings / kastor&pollux pyrite necklace / american apparel jeans / etonic walking shoes / calvin klein racer bra

photos. david innanen

simplest slides





cyeoms plants dress || cyeoms ca$h crop || black market sunglasses || topshop slides || wylden rings

I’ve been dazzled by a few different pairs, but I finally committed to the simplest slides possible. If things are getting simpler lately, it’s only because I have a new rule: new pieces must coordinate a minimum of 3 daily outfits before even being considered. These wylden rings¬†for example, were an easy choice. The delicate silver fits any outfit and they stack so perfectly, the combinations are endless.

Photos by David Innanen

mesh around


Considering how long I’ve had it, and how much I love it, this open knit top hasn’t seen many OOTD’s. It’s a bit aggressive for daily life as is, but by shortening the sleeves a little, gothic quickly becomes sporty & playful.




cyeoms linen pocket tee || zara open knit sweater || jeffrey campbell mayview sandals || zerouv gunmetal aviators || wylden rings

I was wondering if anyone else finds purging their home of unnecessary things happens close to (or even affects) important changes in their lives? My recent closet clean out has coincided with a newfound freedom and lightness I feel towards something that has been weighing on me this past month.

Photos by David Innanen