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bomber season

It’s two layer season again, well almost. Today was more of a 2 & a half layer day. Luckily our unisex hyper T has your layer game built in with one & half layers of shirt!

Also if you’ve noticed that the webshop + blog have been slightly different with each revisit, no, you’re not insane. I’m a firm believer in Kaizen. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s the practice of continuous improvements each day compounding eventually into big changes. Ambitious dreams are so overwhelming sometimes, I have to slow down to right now, this moment, making one small improvement over yesterday.



wearing // cyeoms hyper T | blk dnm #8 jeans | etonics walking shoe | zerouv aviators | wilfred bomber

photography. particle observer

just reebok it

cashcrop_reebok10 cashcrop_reebok09 cashcrop_reebok05cashcrop_reebok08

wilfred bomber || cyeoms ca$h crop || blk dnm #8 jeans || reebok walking shoes || vintage backpack

I predict the next level of stylish, everyday fashion trainers is going to be hyper-comfortable, made for grandma, walking shoe. I’ve taken a shine to the mostly uncool, forgotten cousin of Nike & Adidas, Reebok. They have these extremely budget friendly, leather pillows for your feet in black or white, (I may have to place an order for whites soon). If you have any ca$h left over, come check out last season’s inventory clear out sale at my WEBSHOP, and snag a matching crop top.

Photos by David Innanen

vancity girl

Season’s Greetings from the Westcoast! I am knee-deep in family and cats, relaxing to the max and reverting back to childhood mode (ie. cookies and television). My life didn’t change in a way I hoped on Dec 13th but I did get a bathtub full of honest feedback for my ego to soak in. FW2012 is still going to happen but now I feel like I’ve been given a second chance.. a chance at a redesign so young, and so fresh it will turn you all into pedophiles.

Anyways, here I am wandering around Gastown. **TOURIST NOTE** Gastown is a beautiful neighbourhood strategically placed beside the saddest/scummiest street on earth. Stay west of Carrall Street if you aren’t partial to drugs, people on drugs, people who sell drugs or people who should be on drugs.

Hastings, Vancouver's most famous/adventurous street!

f as in frank vintage fur coat. wilfred silk dress. urban outfitters crystal necklace. american apparel lace cycle shorts + heart tights. aldo patent slippers.

dry clean only

Today is fake laundry day! I put on my fanciest silk pajama-like outfit and pranced on over to the glitziest laundromat in town. This one is the picture of cheeriness! You couldn’t look anywhere without seeing SMILE in big red letters, while big black balls filled with cameras watched our dirty secrets come clean.

i don't want to.

out of quarters. time to go!

wilfred silk blouse. rachel coomey silk romper. h&m floral socks. steve madden suede peeptoe booties.

As for me, I am busy, busy, BUSY! It’s crunch time before I go home for the holidays. On the 14th I may have some life-changing, spectacular, incredible news, or absolutely no news at all. The mystery will have to die with me if it doesn’t happen. I just want to warn you about this possibly RIDICULOUSLY ENORMOUS news because the amount of exclamation points that post will require may not leave room for much explanation… Anyways, see you soon my friends!