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double d’s


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cyeoms smoke tee (ss15) || american apparel mom jeans || vintage denim shirt || jeffrey campbell mayview sandal || zerouv aviators

Doubling up on the denim this week. As with every fashion “rule” there’s always an exception, as long as the shades of denim are different enough we’re clear of “Canadian-tuxedo” territory. I’m borrowing a couple pieces, the shirt around my waist, (which was tragically too large) and this tee which is just the right amount of oversize. Of course, it’s from the unisex side of our SS15 collection. Designed for men’s sizing and style, but with the strong, clothes-stealing alpha-woman in mind.

photography. particle observer

simplest slides





cyeoms plants dress || cyeoms ca$h crop || black market sunglasses || topshop slides || wylden rings

I’ve been dazzled by a few different pairs, but I finally committed to the simplest slides possible. If things are getting simpler lately, it’s only because I have a new rule: new pieces must coordinate a minimum of 3 daily outfits before even being considered. These wylden rings for example, were an easy choice. The delicate silver fits any outfit and they stack so perfectly, the combinations are endless.

Photos by David Innanen








john varvatos men’s coat || american apparel viscose tee || h&m leather pants || gucci pointe pumps || vintage leather backpack

No, this isn’t photoshopped, that is the sun and it is warm, there aren’t any extra layers hiding out of frame. Usually I don’t mind looking amorphous and gender neutral, but today a touch of femininity felt necessary. What a transformation with a belt and some pumps. In keeping with that clothing metaphor, I feel like a new woman since my day off was glorious enough to fill an entire week. My best friend and I got to do everything I forgot I loved about life: take photos, drink buttered coffee, walk around in the sun, explore new shops, buy art, & watch controversial films. I hope your Sunday was even half as restful!

David Innanen Photography


GUESTPOST. David Innanen

I’ve never really wanted to fit in, but lots of times, i’ve looked at people, like business men in suits, and policemen in uniforms, and thought it would sort of be fun to be them for a while, and eat lunch where they do and talk about things sort of effortlessly, when people asked you, what you did.  Most of the clothes in this outfit post have this kind of story, they are not really things I am, maybe, but I feel they fit in very nice, though I still feel out of place wearing them.

In Paris, you notice that french children dress nicer than most adults here, as a sort of trade off to this, or even bonus, i’ve noticed french men retain a sort of child-like pettiness and amusement with things their entire lives, they even drink coke in cafes, and their writing sounds malcontent. I felt out of place walking around in paris, not in disposition, but in appearance, outdone by children,  so I thought, maybe, it would feel good to feel better than a child. Buying these Alain Mikli’s , which are oversized, expensive, and sort of  stupidly coloured, made me feel a bit french, a bit like I belong, or, maybe, like I’m a bit better than belonging, which i feel is french, not to be pinned down.

Workman type shirts have been very big for a while. I was slow to get ‘on board’ , with thicker fabrics, and that sort of unmodern look… this is one of the closest things I own to that…  I don’t really like blue denim shirts, I don’t really see them as something I would wear, if I was a sort of dream figure of myself. Other people wear them, though, and you see other people do things, and look okay doing them, so you’re sort of curious. I would never say I look quite right in this shirt, but it seems to sort of work in some way, and it’s sort of fun to wear it and feel like a blue shirt person. I feel almost the same way about boat shoes, but i’ve worn them so many times now that they’ve become my own, or something I am okay with, sort of like those things you feel dirty about the first time, but settle into a comfort with.

I see lots of camo shorts in stores now, but I see few people wearing them, i’m not sure why.  I remember as a boy playing with GI Joes, and having a little army outfit, and how if you passed an army truck on the highway all the soldiers would wave to you and maybe honk their horn. The army seemed sort of apolitical then, and sort of joyful, and that’s pretty much how I feel in these shorts… the shortness is liberating,  they make you feel like you are playing army, or playing world, every time you prance around in them.

alain mikli glasses.
Vintage l.l bean denim shirt
Quoddy semiboat shoe
cyeoms beast t.
muttonhead lieutenant shorts.