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autumn dressing





cyeoms pyramid dress || topshop longsleeve ribbed crop || kara stowaway bag || tara jarmon camel coat || h&m leather pants || reebok classics

The challenge opportunity with designing just one collection a year, is that it can take some creativity to incorporate your favorite pieces year round. See how our pyramid dress becomes autumn appropriate with just a few extra layers. There are many decisions in my life, so lately I’ve been defaulting to black on black outfits. With black, it’s simple to coordinate my armor each day, so I can stride out into the world confidently. Stay warm and cool out there kitties!

photography. Particle Observer

summer cycle





cyeoms virtual tee (ss15) || topshop mom jeans || reebok leather classic sneakers || ynot backpack

Since getting a bike, my life has improved in MOST ways. I’ve become fearless since facing my secret fear of riding through city traffic. I’m more productive since my time is no longer trapped behind 5 broken down streetcars. And also I have more coins, which is nice. As a result of this magical bi-wheeled invention, my outfits have also shifted towards pants that don’t constrict or catch, comfortable & breathable tops, and more practical bags.

I’m loving the linen knit of this cyeoms top, even though it’s black, the fabric makes biking a breeze in the heat. Also if you’re looking for a commuter bag, I found this company, I was sold on the single fold over buckle, waterproof zips, and the fact that it’s Canadian-made, ethical, all that, etc.

photography. particle observer


A sneak peek at what cyeoms has in store for next season. Sorry to hype my own horn, but I couldn’t wait to share my new favourite “T” shirt. I don’t want to say too much about SS15, but you can safely expect more summer blacks.





cyeoms virtual tee (SS15) || zara palazzo pants + zipper bag || topshop fever slides || black market sunglasses

simplest slides





cyeoms plants dress || cyeoms ca$h crop || black market sunglasses || topshop slides || wylden rings

I’ve been dazzled by a few different pairs, but I finally committed to the simplest slides possible. If things are getting simpler lately, it’s only because I have a new rule: new pieces must coordinate a minimum of 3 daily outfits before even being considered. These wylden rings for example, were an easy choice. The delicate silver fits any outfit and they stack so perfectly, the combinations are endless.

Photos by David Innanen