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acid tank/dress





wearing// cyeoms acid tank | nike socks | propet trainers | kastor&pollucks necklace

All this time trying to find the perfect summer black dress, when obviously it was already in my closet, as an oversize (UNISEX) tank. Feeling androgynous this summer in extra basic super white sneakers and athletic socks. Taking a step even further away from cool with the ultimate velcro walking shoes for adults.

photography. david innanen

bomber season

It’s two layer season again, well almost. Today was more of a 2 & a half layer day. Luckily our unisex hyper T has your layer game built in with one & half layers of shirt!

Also if you’ve noticed that the webshop + blog have been slightly different with each revisit, no, you’re not insane. I’m a firm believer in Kaizen. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s the practice of continuous improvements each day compounding eventually into big changes. Ambitious dreams are so overwhelming sometimes, I have to slow down to right now, this moment, making one small improvement over yesterday.



wearing // cyeoms hyper T | blk dnm #8 jeans | etonics walking shoe | zerouv aviators | wilfred bomber

photography. particle observer

on androgyny




a.p.c. wool coat || h&m turtle neck || andy the-ahn leather skirt || reebok sneakers || kara stowaway bag || karen walker leopard sunglasses

Consider the saying, ‘men have all the fun’. Is it true? I’m not sure… but, they must have some of it… They do get to wear different clothes, hair, and do different things…. but then… so do women… If I had to choose a sex, it would be female… but my ‘second sex’ would be male… like one of those ‘swirl cones’.. this outfit slowly transitions… from the tall and dark wool coat, the asexual comfort of a thick turtleneck, to the unisexual, leopard spots, back down to the feminine, leather skirt… ending with the confusing, Nike socks, and Reebok white sneakers…

ghost written by a guest contributor.

photography. particle observer

mixed sports

virtualtee_3 copy

Wearing the virtual tee in white this time, along with some mixed sportswear. Nike + Reebok seemed like mortal enemies growing up but together they look so right. If you follow the insta you know we took a trip to some temperate west coast adventure. No coats in sight, we played full on tourist in my hometown, eating and drinking the trendiest food and coffee. When your shoes are this comfortable, you can conquer the whole city.


virtualtee_2 copy


virtualtee_1 copy

cyeoms virtual tee (SS15)|| h&m leather pants || reebok sneakers || nike socks || american apparel vintage sunglasses

CYEOMS‘ SS15 collection has been in heavy rotation on this blog this summer, but it’s not for nothing! I’d like to formally warn you, that pre-sales will be open on the site very, very soon. If you have the patience and tenacity for March 2015, we’d love to absolutely guarantee you’ll get what you want next season before it sells out. Pre-sales help young, independent designers, like CYEOMS, get an idea of what you like, (it’s almost never what we predict it’ll be) and helps us cover production costs. Sign up for the mailing list or stay tuned on our instagram so you’ll know the second it happens.

photos. david innanen