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ghost season


It’s easy to lose clothing in the darkness, when your closet is full of black. For instance, these complexgeometries tights. The forgotten tights are one of those brilliant designs that keeps giving long after purchase. The built in high waisted cotton shorts have comically long mesh extending beyond its waist and legs. The legs are made to overlap in ‘random’ ways or with your body’s movement, while the top can be worn as a form fitting bodysuit or down as skirt. With clever design like this, I like to add simpler pieces so they stand out. The ghost dress is a perfect blank canvas, I love exploring new ways to dress it up or down depending on the occasion.



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photography. particle observer



I’ve been in a coma along with this aptly named sweatshirt dress by complexgeometries. It’s a simple, comfortable design I wish I made, but at least it’s out there and in my closet, so it doesn’t matter I didn’t get to it first. It’s been too cold for my temperate west coast blood. If you need me I’ll be hiding in my cave until spring.


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photography. David Innanen