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bomber season

It’s two layer season again, well almost. Today was more of a 2 & a half layer day. Luckily our unisex hyper T has your layer game built in with one & half layers of shirt!

Also if you’ve noticed that the webshop + blog have been slightly different with each revisit, no, you’re not insane. I’m a firm believer in Kaizen. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s the practice of continuous improvements each day compounding eventually into big changes. Ambitious dreams are so overwhelming sometimes, I have to slow down to right now, this moment, making one small improvement over yesterday.



wearing // cyeoms hyper T | blk dnm #8 jeans | etonics walking shoe | zerouv aviators | wilfred bomber

photography. particle observer

just reebok it

cashcrop_reebok10 cashcrop_reebok09 cashcrop_reebok05cashcrop_reebok08

wilfred bomber || cyeoms ca$h crop || blk dnm #8 jeans || reebok walking shoes || vintage backpack

I predict the next level of stylish, everyday fashion trainers is going to be hyper-comfortable, made for grandma, walking shoe. I’ve taken a shine to the mostly uncool, forgotten cousin of Nike & Adidas, Reebok. They have these extremely budget friendly, leather pillows for your feet in black or white, (I may have to place an order for whites soon). If you have any ca$h left over, come check out last season’s inventory clear out sale at my WEBSHOP, and snag a matching crop top.

Photos by David Innanen

xx.. johan


There’s a new man in my life, it’s Mr. Johan Lindeberg, and I’m in love. I can’t say enough about BLK DNM: take your American Apparel zipper pants, burn them and start from scratch with the best fabrics, zippers, branding, & fit, then you’ll have these. It’s on ridiculous sale at ssense (there’s a link in the outfit tags), and fits true to size, even though they were strictly an online purchase. We ventured up to my friend’s roof on an overcast day, but the sun broke through just to say goodnight. Joey Crowle was armed with a fleet of cameras, medium format film(!), another film, and a digital beast. I think we got it covered.. Xx.. Crystal





isabel marant etoile logan tee || blk dnm #8 jeans || house of harlow chelsea sunglasses || unknown leather bomber & strappy heel

Joey Crowle Photography