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blk x wht


My ginocchia inspired look, she’s an Italian living in Berlin. She is beautiful, sincere, adventurous, and she describes things simply, and like poetry. For this look, I love the contrast of feminine layers and masculine outerwear, like protective coating in it’s most literal sense.

This marks the first time reaching out to new photographers, it’s a small adventure, one which I’m already thankful to have taken. Daniel Gutierrez is the man behind the lens today. He is patient, kind, and has a calm enthusiasm for his work, and he also loves classic Simpsons as much as I do, (but only because I doubt it’s possible to like it more than me). I’m so pleased with the results of this cold, windy day on the lake.

Crystal01 Crystal105 Crystal05 Crystal14 Crystal15

wylden rings || asos boyfriend beanie || cyeoms beast tee || topshop crop longsleeve || american apparel zipper jeans || vagabond libby platform || john varvatos men’s coat || DIY crystal necklace

Platinum Media Photography




I’d like to think our “fall/winter” collection could be applied outside the bedroom, so here’s an interesting way to layer the plants dress. A flowing button-up underneath adds an etherial feel, while the homeboy toque and men’s cardi counteracts that softness, resulting in some sort of post-apocalyptic luxe thug. We’re all black today for no particular reason, maybe it’s just my dark passenger taking the wheel.




alexander wang mens cardigan || cyeoms shiba tee (linen) || cyeoms plants dress || cyeoms 3rd base pants || TUK creepers || asos boyfriend beanie

technical sports

Lately David has taken up with Saturday morning squash, leaving me to sleep in like a normal human. This weekend he peeled me out of bed and courted me with a unique photoshoot idea. I’m exploring new styling avenues: sporty glam, since only rich bitches at spa-gyms would wear this. Skin-tight fabrics, zippers, neons and plastic shoes are great elements to include in your outfit if you’d like to create the illusion of working out. I actually bought these A.A. zip-away pants (aka the new tear-aways) before I started working there, they are great if you ever want two men in a van to offer to buy you a house on your way to work. *truestory