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acne studios button up / a.p.c. coat / h&m leather pants / vagabond platforms / kara stowaway bag

For someone who professes such an undying love towards the Acne Studios rebrand, you’d be surprised to know that this chemise is my first piece since. The fabric is beautifully faded and soft, but there is an unusual crispness to it that feels professional. Those subtle, unexpected details keep me coming back for more, just one of the things I love about the “Ambition to Create Novel Expression.

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on androgyny




a.p.c. wool coat || h&m turtle neck || andy the-ahn leather skirt || reebok sneakers || kara stowaway bag || karen walker leopard sunglasses

Consider the saying, ‘men have all the fun’. Is it true? I’m not sure… but, they must have some of it… They do get to wear different clothes, hair, and do different things…. but then… so do women… If I had to choose a sex, it would be female… but my ‘second sex’ would be male… like one of those ‘swirl cones’.. this outfit slowly transitions… from the tall and dark wool coat, the asexual comfort of a thick turtleneck, to the unisexual, leopard spots, back down to the feminine, leather skirt… ending with the confusing, Nike socks, and Reebok white sneakers…

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a.p.c coat || complexgeometries coma sweater || american apparel rib dress || zara zipper boots || kara stowaway bag

It was during an especially difficult week of good fortune and immense stress, that it had to happen. Kara: Pebbled leather, silver zips, timeless simplicity. Branding so inconspicuous, it’s like a luxurious secret. To pair with black we went full navy, the mono-colour trend is one of my favourite trends this season.

Oh and huge news, PRE-ORDERS are open on the site! Now until Nov 27th 2014. (After that orders on NIGHT SHIFT are closed until spring 2015 when we get our fresh shipment in.) Hope you like it! Shop link here

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