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a.p.c coat || complexgeometries coma sweater || american apparel rib dress || zara zipper boots || kara stowaway bag

It was during an especially difficult week of good fortune and immense stress, that it had to happen. Kara: Pebbled leather, silver zips, timeless simplicity. Branding so inconspicuous, it’s like a luxurious secret. To pair with black we went full navy, the mono-colour trend is one of my favourite trends this season.

Oh and huge news, PRE-ORDERS are open on the site! Now until Nov 27th 2014. (After that orders on NIGHT SHIFT are closed until spring 2015 when we get our fresh shipment in.) Hope you like it! Shop link here

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cyeoms ghost dress (ss15 pre-order this week) || american apparel crop top || h&m leather pants || zara zip boots || karen walker sunglasses

Practicing our layers in typical cyeoms fashion (ie. not actually adding warmth). Ghosty or Ghost tee depending how you look at is is unexpectedly one of my favourites despite it’s simple design. Doubles as a shirt or a dress, though lately, they’re my favourite pyjamas. Check back to the site later this week for a big pre-order section in our shop.

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brunch en blanc



american apparel zipper pants, sheer blouse, viscose t || reebok trainers || zerouv aviators || wylden mix n match studs

Taking a little break from black this week, but maybe we’ll be back, to black, I’m not married to it or anything. This outfit somehow survived a ‘white + one subtle colour’ themed brunch without any food or drink incidents, which surprises me given my white pant history. If you’re ever unsure if it’s about to rain, come see if I’m wearing these pants, my luck has shown it will, yes, it definitely will.

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double d’s


IMG_5025 copy

IMG_5007 copy

cyeoms smoke tee (ss15) || american apparel mom jeans || vintage denim shirt || jeffrey campbell mayview sandal || zerouv aviators

Doubling up on the denim this week. As with every fashion “rule” there’s always an exception, as long as the shades of denim are different enough we’re clear of “Canadian-tuxedo” territory. I’m borrowing a couple pieces, the shirt around my waist, (which was tragically too large) and this tee which is just the right amount of oversize. Of course, it’s from the unisex side of our SS15 collection. Designed for men’s sizing and style, but with the strong, clothes-stealing alpha-woman in mind.

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