summer cycle





cyeoms virtual tee (ss15) || topshop mom jeans || reebok leather classic sneakers || ynot backpack

Since getting a bike, my life has improved in MOST ways. I’ve become fearless since facing my secret fear of riding through city traffic. I’m more productive since my time is no longer trapped behind 5 broken down streetcars. And also I have more coins, which is nice. As a result of this magical bi-wheeled invention, my outfits have also shifted towards pants that don’t constrict or catch, comfortable & breathable tops, and more practical bags.

I’m loving the linen knit of this cyeoms top, even though it’s black, the fabric makes biking a breeze in the heat. Also if you’re looking for a commuter bag, I found this company, I was sold on the single fold over buckle, waterproof zips, and the fact that it’s Canadian-made, ethical, all that, etc.

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  • ediot

    I too, just recently started bicycling. Rental city bikes, its so nice- I save time every day and I never have to worry about getting my bike stolen..(Before Ive had 2 bikes stolen) Love your outfit girl

    you look fantastic


    e d i o t

  • Melissa Araujo

    So happy you find joy in riding a bike. I still need to figure out if anything other than wine brings me joy lol

    You look amazing can’t wait to be picking my Cyeoms piece xx