Changes! I finally chopped it, and now I feel free and liberated in a weird inner way that allows me to make other major decisions I’ve been tentative on, but then again it’s just hair so whatever.


This outfit won’t be available until 2015, which isn’t very nice, but it’s also summer and these babies are a dream come true. I’m hitting the workohol extra hard to make sure you can buy these in a store near you.

The look book is done, and I’m sending out press kits soon, if you’re a blogger/online zine who would like a sneak peak at what cyeoms has in store for SS15, leave a comment/email address below and I’ll add you to the press list for next week’s mass mailer.




cyeoms studio crop (SS15) || cyeoms fawn shorts (SS15) || reebok trainers || oak + fort necklace

  • Melissa

    I would love to be included in your list ;) Love the hair and the top I have something similar (great minds think alike for the 2MP line!) Can’t tell you enough how excited I am for your next chapter! xx

    • crystal yeoms

      of course! yes i know you get your things back today, i hope it’s like christmas morning!

  • Tam

    Gorgeous. I love the new hair- where do you get it done?

    • crystal yeoms

      ah sorry didn’t see this! i did it myself ^_^

  • Tina

    Love the hair, it suits you so well!
    Amazing top, that! I would also love to be in your list hehe :) xx

  • karl philip Leuterio

    LOVE THE SLANTED shape. omg .. such a couture shirt