mesh around


Considering how long I’ve had it, and how much I love it, this open knit top hasn’t seen many OOTD’s. It’s a bit aggressive for daily life as is, but by shortening the sleeves a little, gothic quickly becomes sporty & playful.




cyeoms linen pocket tee || zara open knit sweater || jeffrey campbell mayview sandals || zerouv gunmetal aviators || wylden rings

I was wondering if anyone else finds purging their home of unnecessary things happens close to (or even affects) important changes in their lives? My recent closet clean out has coincided with a newfound freedom and lightness I feel towards something that has been weighing on me this past month.

Photos by David Innanen

  • Melissa

    I just did a high spring cleaning in my closet and room, donating those clothes makes me feel good and also light.
    Life is all about renewal even if it is through the small things as our closet. Love this look. I wish Van was warmer. xx

  • Tina

    Love this seamless layering work. Ditto on closet cleaning. I’ve altered a few pieces to upcycle and feels amaze.
    Misses xo

  • duckalicious

    totally agree about the purging – I think it’s because it makes space for fresh energy to flow in! looking good – I’m not a mesh fan, but I’ll admit it suits you well!