john varvatos men’s coat || american apparel viscose tee || h&m leather pants || gucci pointe pumps || vintage leather backpack

No, this isn’t photoshopped, that is the sun and it is warm, there aren’t any extra layers hiding out of frame. Usually I don’t mind looking amorphous and gender neutral, but today a touch of femininity felt necessary. What a transformation with a belt and some pumps. In keeping with that clothing metaphor, I feel like a new woman since my day off was glorious enough to fill an entire week. My best friend and I got to do everything I forgot I loved about life: take photos, drink buttered coffee, walk around in the sun, explore new shops, buy art, & watch controversial films. I hope your Sunday was even half as restful!

David Innanen Photography

  • ediot

    this outfit is so chic and cool. you look fantasti. My sunday was calm and included a trip to the sea.. love those spontanious trips.
    have a good week

  • ediot

    haha LOVE that cat. I want that on my blog too :)

    • crystal yeoms

      haha thanks! everyone looks better as cats

  • melissa

    Very French Editor chic, I want to try it and see if i can pull of this look as half of myself thinks(or at least wishes) I was French. Looking good and I love to hear your day off was restful and yet productive. Fun productivity is the best! xx

  • MyStyleDiaryy

    Beautiful photos and you look great xo

  • Marmalade

    loving the different textures and layers in this outfit and the belt is def a great touch :)