My favorite dress from casual encounter is a men’s shirt. Provocative without being overly sexual, it’s my go-to look.

These shoes were a gift to myself. If after 3 months I can’t stop thinking about something, it’s probably real. I’ve had to be so resourceful lately it was nice to buy a new thing. Clunky and hospital white, can you feel the love?

I am juggling a few part-time job balls, so David was forced volunteered to step in last time. Through the busyness I am finding more focus and structure to my life than I thought possible. July has a lightness to it, I feel hopeful and excited again.

cyeoms norse shirt.
diy leather hospital bracelet.
fcuk purse.
jeffrey campbell mayview sandals.

Toronto locals, or anyone willing to road trip over, CYEOMS clothing will be for sale, in person, at the Muttonhead Home Grown Pop-up shop. There’s also a launch party this Thursday, so feel free to stop by for drinks, photos, music, clothes and more! Click image below for more details.


  • Render Sublime

    I think you’re right.. sometimes I find more structure in my life during the busy times. Weird. Love the shoes with that dress :)

  • Designer Binary

    This is nice and i love these sandals

  • Tina

    I love the mens shirt as a dress and love the shoes. It is meant to be yours! xx