Let’s play doctor today with a little DIY, I’ll show you how to make this cool thing.
hospital bracelets

1. Measure around your wrist with a little bit of ease.

2. If you are lucky enough to have a comfortable wrist measurement of 5.75″, 6.25″ or 6.5″ print out this easy pattern I made just for you » BRACELET.pdf.
If you need a different length, measure from the small hole at the top to your desired length. Add your supplementary holes out from there, on mine they are about 0.25″ apart.

3. Trace the pieces on to the wrong side of your leather and cut them out.

4. The smaller 3 holes at the top are for your snaps. You will need to use an awl or the point of your sharp scissors to carefully poke a hole just big enough for your hardware, your snap kit probably comes with a hole maker if you want to use that.

Your kit should have instructions, and those are nice, but just think, someone out there recorded a video of themselves & uploaded it, hoping that you would someday need their help in applying this specialized fastening. Thanks stranger!

this side of the snap is easier to screw up, so start with it & you won't have redo everything... hmm.

5. Hammer in your top snap to the smaller piece.

6. Hammer in the bottom snap with wrong sides of the leather touching.



Hammer on a hard surface like concrete.
Use the lower disc to help center the top snap.

7. Next punch your holes, having holes before your actual wrist measurement is what really makes this work, don’t be afraid of more holes. If you don’t have a leather punch, you can use a regular hole punch. These are much duller so you may have to rotate the punch to cut all the way through.
**If your leather is too thick the snap may not close, you’ll have to cut a slightly bigger hole or shave down the thickness until it closes.

Now you’re done, and you look like you just checked out of a 5-star rehab facility! High fashion!

double up!