Last time David shot us tripping out, this time Kyran took the camera reigns and produced these badboys. We sort of coordinated on this one, but somehow, I just knew with Melissa “Blackie” Araujo, anything in greyscale would be a safe bet. I’m channelling Arnold in T2 with my look, though I can’t vouch for Mel if she stole her clothes from a biker too. Thanks Particle Observer for making this shoot dazzle with your magic photo box.

CY. american apparel sexuali-tank & zipper pant. bebe leather jacket. simard vintage loafers. diy crystal necklace. michael kors oversized runway watch. karen walker shades.

MA. melissa araujo upside down shawl. alexander wang tank. h&m leather pants & heels. nike sports bra. club monaco sunnies. jeff’s dog tags.

You can check out Melissa’s blog to see some slightly different photos, also I expect Particle Observer has his own picks (pix). After viewing all our posts you can see how we each interpreted our photoshoot experience, and then you can make an informed opinion on what really happened that day.

photos Particle Observer ©


  • kyran

    I am LOLLING out loud right now! I have a street post upcoming where I chose that exact scene from t2 to reenact! We must have dipped into the same future jar

  • ola

    I just looked at these photos in Melissa’s blog :)

    Great outfits !

  • Melissa Araujo

    love how bad ass we are. Thanks to you and Particle observer for the creative blood and keeping me around.

  • Rea Papathanasiou

    I saw these on Melissa’s blog as well! you’re both looking rad! great shots! xx

  • Margaret Cruzemark

    One of the best style posts i have ever seen. Your sence of fashion is just….uber!Keep it up, feed us with style.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark