Melissa’s new apartment is a photo experience. The stairwell spirals around your mind, taking you on a strange journey, exploring your most intimate dreams and explosive nightmares… or something. Leave your acid at the door, it’s about to get trippy in here.

ma. jnby shirt dress. american apparel cycle short &sheer hose. jeffrey campbell lita platforms. little threads rui bracelet.
cy. cyeoms blackcoffee blouse. cyeoms sleeper shorts. calvin klein wedge platforms.

“The world is a dream, you say, and it’s lovely, sometimes. Sunset. Clouds. Sky.”
“No. The image is a dream. The beauty is real. Can you see the difference?”
― Richard Bach, Illusions

photographer. david innanen
post. crystal yeomans

**Melissa chose some different photos for her blog which you should check out as well because I’m also in those.


  • Rea Papathanasiou

    wow these are some crazy pictures! love your wedges! xx

  • melissa araujo

    Sister I love you, you know it! Amazing editing and wow I don’t even need any acid with this shoot there is plenty of psychedelic shots!

  • Anna

    wow this is such an amazing apartment. Loving your outfits too. I’m a new follower :)


  • Tina

    These photos are amazing. I’m loving the location and of course you two stylish babes xx


    • crystal yeoms

      thanks tina! <3 when are you in vancouver next??

    • melissa araujo

      Yes Tina come back!!!! xx

  • Stephanie / FAIIINT

    Saw the most on Melissa’s blog, love the trippy photos, but had to come over here & just say I love that black shirt – The subtle print, chiffon & oversizedness, so perfect! ♡

    • crystal yeoms

      thanks for stopping by with such kind words. yes the design is actually a custom print designed by my dad, very good eye :) !

  • michele

    Nice! I really like those silky shorts!

    • crystal yeoms

      thank yew i designed/made em!

  • crystal yeoms

    yup! i only bring one pair of shoes when i go home because i have such a nice selection to chose from for shoots while im here!