“An evening dress that reveals a woman’s ankles when she is walking is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen.” – Valentino

This isn’t an evening dress, but it hits my ankles in a way that disgraces fashion. If you have an old maxi that isn’t so maxi, here’s my ultra-modern summer solution.

diy top. diy slit skirt. vintage persplex shoes. asos ankle cuff.

    You’ll need: some elastic for your waistband, a sewing machine, a marking chalk/pencil, pins, + fabric scissors.

    1. Try on your maxi and decide where you’re going to make the cut. Be sure to add an EXTRA 1.5″ to that measurement since I found out the weight of the dress pulls down the fabric so when it’s cut it may appear shorter than you intended.
    2. It’s better to lay it down completely flat measure straight across with chalk or pencil and then cut.

    3. Try on the top and measure how much you can take in at the hem. Take it off turn inside out and sew an EQUAL amount on each side.
    4. If you have a cover stitch machine use a cover stitch.. if not fold up 1/2″ and use a long zig zag stitch. You can also leave jersey fabrics unfinished since they don’t fray.
    SKIRT// This dress had an existing slit up the side so I cut my skirt around where I wanted it to start. You probably won’t have this exact dress so you can just measure how long you want your skirt and add 2″ for the waistband and 1/2″ for the hem.

    1. If you want fancy slits, cut two parallel lines in the front of your skirt, mine are about 10″ apart. It’s easier to work on one slit at a time so make one cut and repeat these steps for the second cut afterwards.

how to slit

    2. Turn skirt inside out and match up your freshly cut line so it’s off to the side. You’ll need to cut an indent at the top of the slit through both sides as shown^. If your finished slit is going to be 8″ make the indent start an inch above that.
    3. Pin together and start sewing at the 8″ mark up to the top.
    4. Press open the seams and pin each side open.
    5. Sew the pinned flaps down with a nice rectangular shape in the directions shown above^
    6. Try on your skirt again to measure how much to take in at the sides. Take it off and mark the new side seams, you want it to fit snug but not too tight at the waist. I tapered the sides to just above where the slit starts so that the slits would not be stretched open when worn.
    7. Take the elastic you got and wrap it around your waist so it is tight enough to sit at your natural waist to but still fits over your hips (or your head), cut and stitch ends together.

    8. Fold sewn elastic in half and mark the half way points. Match the halfway points to the side seams and fold the skirt over the elastic *make sure there is some space underneath the elastic so you can sew it down after.
    9. Use a long zig zag stitch underneath the elastic to keep the top folded down, careful not stitch the actual elastic.
    10. Pin the hem carefully so that it lines up at each of the slits and sew using a cover stitch or zig zag. Or leave unfinished.. whatever

OKEY done! How do you like your revamped maxi?