I absolutely adore this sweater from Acne’s spring line. Perfectly oversized with a silk panelled back to keep you feeling sensual.. and also from overheating. As a colour junky I’m excited designers are experimenting more this season. 2012 is bright and I’m ready to get out of greys!

acne oversize sweater. american apparel zipper pants. nine west slingback booties. diy crystal necklace. alexander wang bag.

I saw this necklace at Nouvelle Nouvelle last summer and ever since it has lingered in my heart…
And then I found a way to make 5 knock offs for less than $12.

  • quartz crystals
  • pack of silk thread/string/twine
  • hot glue gun
  • measuring tape

Now, you can dig deep within the Earth’s core for Quartz Crystals, but I found this fantastic deal of 5 perfectly rugged pieces for $8.66 from this eBay seller.

  1. Measure the length of string/cord/twine that will fit over your head and add about 7 inches (40″or longer is good)

2. Hot glue 1cm of string on opposite sides in the middle of the crystal.

3. Wrap both strings around the 1cm of string on sides. I found it best to add hot glue in small sections, unravelling a bit at a time to ensure it doesn't harden too quickly.


  • Anonymous

    LOVE the sweater so so so so much! Acne is fast becoming one of my favourite designers. Also, great tutorial! I have always loved that crystal necklace you have from UO, but I like the idea of making my own.

    • Anonymous

      yes! it was an xmassy gift from david when i came back. i’m glad you liked the tutorial too. i’m sending a necklace your way along with a surprise ;)

  • furby

    nice execution

  • Absorbingmoments

    Great photos and I love your boots.

  • Rea Papathanasiou

    lovely look! can I have a crystal necklace hahah!

    • Anonymous

      thank you rea! I have a few spare ones! just email me your p.o. box and I’ll mail ya one :)

  • furby

    Where do you get silk thread or where would i find a similar one to the one pictured?

    • Anonymous

      jewelry/bead store. there are a bunch on queen street here I could send you some? it’s kind of stiff waxed string/twine. michael’s would have it too i bet.