melissa araujo 3 way asymmetric dress || filippa k wrap skirt

Fashion inspired by architecture that inspires more fashion styling with architecture. We’re hanging out in the concrete city wearing the aptly named,slate collection. I’ve been enjoying this time/excuse to revisit photography again (on a smaller scale). It might be laughable to some, but the best camera is the one you have with you. Letting people into your perspective and opening your own to the beauty around you.

photography. particle observer

our legacy




our legacy blazer || cyeoms beast tee || blk dnm #8 jeans || zara zipper boots || kara stowaway bag

Our Legacy is strictly Swedish and menswear, but that’s just what they say, I think this blazer fits me better than any female equivalent. Which segways nicely into an opportunity to talk about the CYEOMS philosophy of unisex. We design pieces for men that women would want to steal/borrow, and then we do things like crops that usually only women enjoy wearing, but whatever right? We’ve been tremendously busy doing these fashion things that make clothes happen, so the holidays can come now. I am looking forward to catching up on some zzz’s, petting cats, and borrowing more menswear, how about you?

photography. Particle Observer

autumn dressing





cyeoms pyramid dress || topshop longsleeve ribbed crop || kara stowaway bag || tara jarmon camel coat || h&m leather pants || reebok classics

The challenge opportunity with designing just one collection a year, is that it can take some creativity to incorporate your favorite pieces year round. See how our pyramid dress becomes autumn appropriate with just a few extra layers. There are many decisions in my life, so lately I’ve been defaulting to black on black outfits. With black, it’s simple to coordinate my armor each day, so I can stride out into the world confidently. Stay warm and cool out there kitties!

photography. Particle Observer