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cyeoms smoke tee (ss15) || american apparel mom jeans || vintage denim shirt || jeffrey campbell mayview sandal || zerouv aviators

Doubling up on the denim this week. As with every fashion “rule” there’s always an exception, as long as the shades of denim are different enough we’re clear of “Canadian-tuxedo” territory. I’m borrowing a couple pieces, the shirt around my waist, (which was tragically too large) and this tee which is just the right amount of oversize. Of course, it’s from the unisex side of our SS15 collection. Designed for men’s sizing and style, but with the strong, clothes-stealing alpha-woman in mind.

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last daze

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cyeoms CA$H crop || cyeoms fawn shorts (ss15) || melissa araujo 3-in-1 vest || jeffrey campbell mayview sandal || house of harlow chelsea shades

Summer has a few hot breaths left, so it might be the last chance we have for summer blacks. I’m enjoying finding ways to wear black while staying cool. Breathable cotton and sheer linen knits are my go-to lately, conveniently enough it’s something I just happen to have a lot of. Also I’m discovering the true versatility of this vest by Melissa Araujo, I feel bold enough to wear crop tops knowing I have a protective, flowing vest/dress I can wrap up at anytime.

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cyeoms tarte tank (ss12) || muttonhead baseball pants (ss15) || zerouv aviators || reebok leather classics || calvin klein racerback bra

Wearing some HOT, exclusive content from Muttonhead. These leather-like baseball pants are a glimpse into next spring. Patience isn’t my strongest virtue, and maybe the most humid day of summer wasn’t the best time to bust these out, but I like to think I have a reptilian cooling system where the top and bottom can be extremes as long as they balance each other out. How about you? I can’t be the only one?

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